Project Overview

We provide complete Web Development Services. To your clients and customers, your website is no longer merely a source of information where they find out about you. They’re looking for interactive ways to be engaged, and to be convinced of your capabilities. That’s where CPHosting comes in.

The CPHosting team is a market-savvy group of professionals who understand your business objectives and what it takes to fulfil them. We’re constantly up-to-date on important trends and best known methods in the digital marketing industry. On top of that, we have a capable team of designers who consistently produce attractive, creative designs, which are unique to you and your business.

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Web Application Development

But that’s not all. Our team is also able to provide you these useful applications in your website to adequately engage your customers and plant your business firmly in their minds.

Blog: Corporate blogs allow you to have meaningful conversations with your potential partners and customers.
Discussion Board/Chat Room: A 2-way communication tool for customers and support teams to discuss issues and inquiries about products or services.
News and Articles: A content managed news centre with content syndication (RSS) capabilities.
Knowledge Base/Resource Centre: Enables distribution of documents such as PDFs or Word documents.
Site Search: Visitors can quickly and easily find information they are looking for.
Events Calendar: Site administrators can create and post events as well as create custom event forms allowing visitors to sign up online.